Even though April 3rd is National No Housework Day (no, that’s not a belated April Fool’s Joke), spring cleaning season is in full swing. With a break in the rain, now is the time for Nevada County residents to get outside and get their backyard ready for warmer weather. That way, when it’s actually warm, you can lay around and admire your hard work instead of having to work.

1. April Showers Bring May Flowers – But, only if you prep the garden today! Lay mulch around shrubs and flower beds before the weeds take over next month. However, resist the urge to plant warm season annuals and vegetables until the last frost date has passed in your area. Make sure that your sprinklers are in working order. Although there are still chances of rain, you want to make sure everything is in working order before you really need it

2. Fresh Air, Fresh Paint – Planning to paint the exterior of your home, deck, or front door? Start preparing exterior surfaces now by scraping and sanding so that when the warmer weather arrives, you’ll be ready to apply the first coat.

3. Dust Off the Chaise Lounges – The days of lounging in the backyard are almost here! Take some time to clean and repair any outdoor furniture. Dust, wash, and clean your outdoor furniture of pollen, bugs, and other debris. You’ll be amazed how much stuff accrued on your outdoor furniture. Plus, it will look more like it’s original color and not a strange off putting color.

4. Get Rid of House Guests – While we all love having family and friends visit over the holidays, other unwelcome house guests can often make themselves at home in our roofs and walls during the winter. Now we’re not talking about stains, we’re talking about pests, mold, and other gross materials. You know, that stuff that starts to smell once it gets hot outside? Get ride of it now while the weather is still cool. You can always call your local pest control or animal control to help get rid of any unwanted critters.

5. Organize the Garage or Shed – For most of the country, it’s finally time to stash the snow shovels and bust out the lawn mower. While you’re in there, you might as well make sure everything is organized for spring. When it’s winter, it seems so much easier to just toss everything into the shed without making sure it’s in the right spot. Now is the time to get everything organized again. Make sure that anything you may need for spring is easily accessible and not tucked away.

6. Spring Clean That Closet – Kick off your spring cleaning project by tackling one of the most cluttered spots of the home. Although it may seem like a daunting task, you’ll really appreciate how much space you have when you pack away all your winter clothes. Don’t forget to dust the shelves and clean the closet floor!

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