There is much information that points to the benefits to buying an older home. Older homes generally have lower purchase prices relative to newer houses. They tend to be located in established neighborhoods with an existing history of schools, transportation and commercial center offerings. Older houses have mature landscaping and period-style architecture and craftsmanship. If this type of home-buying information is important to you, you may want to consider an older house. Still, older homes come with their own set of issues. In order to make the best home-buying decision, here are five information topics you may want to discuss with your real estate agent.

1) Structural Issues

The structural condition of older homes can vary greatly. It if has been maintained, the structure of an older house will likely reflect the quality craftsmanship of earlier times and will only need minor repairs, reinforcement, or maintenance. More recent additions may have been built to a lower standard than the original home, and can need major repairs or renovations. If the original building has not been well maintained, you may be in for a serious structural overhaul. Neglected crawlspaces can have foundation and floor structure defects. Continuous water intrusion or past fires could have damaged structural areas that are now concealed. Be sure your home inspector investigates the structure of an older house thoroughly.

2) What is Involved with Remodeling

Many people purchase an older home with the intention of remodeling it in order to make the house more comfortable and raise the home value. Like many equations in life, the decision to remodel an older home boils down to time or money. If you decide to spend more of your time and less of your money, you’ll need to be handy and have your weekends free of other commitments for several months. If you prefer to save your time, but spend more money, your real estate agent can refer you to a contractor who specializes in raising house value by remodeling older homes.

3) Zoning Issues

Before you purchase an older house with the intention of remodeling and raising the home value, be sure to investigate the zoning regulations. Many older homes come with zoning restrictions, including pre-determined setbacks from property lines, limits on roof height, etc. If the home is on

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