For 42 percent of home buyers, the first step in the homebuying process was searching online. They search numerous sites and gather a list of homes that they then bring to a real estate agent. Sound like something you have done? While technology has a number of benefits, it also comes with some potential pitfalls. Below include some of the most common mistakes home buyers made when searching for a home online.

Choosing Not to Use a Real Estate Agent
With the vast amount of real estate information available online, some home buyers choose not to hire a real estate agent at all. This is a mistake that few people make, but it can be harmful to whoever chooses not to work with an agent. While you may succeed in finding a home, an agent is extremely helpful in the negotiation process. Not sure how to include some repairs made or make sure that beautiful water feature stays? A real estate agent will help make that happen. He or she also helps to ensure you don’t miss relevant legal documentation or paperwork which could cause trouble later. A real estate agent serves as a representative of you that will make sure that you clearly understand what you are buying. A good real estate agent can have years of experience in a local area and may know what the best neighborhoods are just from your description of your ideal home. In addition to their ability to find more listings and efficiently narrow things down, agents stay informed about current developments in a neighborhood, which may be difficult for home buyers not from the area. Remember, it is a real estate agent’s job to know about the area and where the best place would be for you.

Use Multiple Search Engines When Searching for a Home
Don’t rely on a single search engine or a few listings to find possible homes. Also, don’t rely on sites like Trulia or Zillow. If it’s not the MLS system for the area, chances are it is not updated very often. All homes of interest are not necessarily listed on these sites, so this may eliminate many prospects from the search. Or, as is often the case in Nevada County, these sites may say that a home is on the market, but it is usually pending or off market. This is also where a real estate agent can be useful. They can link you to the county MLS feed so you can search accurate listings. Your real estate agent should also be able to pull up listings for you that fit your criteria. It is also recommended that you consider and use several search tools, including Coldwell Banker’s various property searches, and use them in tandem. This can fill in gaps and allow you to compare results.

Don’t Waste Time Looking at Homes You Can’t Afford
Many home buyers waste time searching for homes online that they cannot afford. Unfortunately, many of them don’t know that they are wasting their time. They think they know what they can afford, but they usually are inaccurate or aren’t ready to actually buy a home. Get pre-approved for a mortgage to determine what price range to shop within and once you have decided on a property in your budget, act quickly. For more information on the Nevada County real estate market, contact a Coldwell Banker agent today.

So buyers, what are you waiting for? Call us today and we’ll help you get started on your real estate search!

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