Nevada City Voted Best Place to Live

Sunset Magazine recently voted Nevada City as one of the best places to live. We are so excited that the amazing little town has been recognized not only for it’s affordability but also for it’s emphasis on art and art appreciation. Locals know why Nevada City is great, but do you? We’ve got five reasons why you should move to Nevada City.

  1. Culture-Nevada City has a one of a kind culture. With an emphasis on keeping the downtown area historic while still bringing in new ideas, the storefronts are as unique as their owners. On Commercial Street you can see businesses that have been around since the late 1800s and newly incorporated restaurants with a unique take on the eating experience. Nevada City also puts an emphasis on the arts. While many residents are appreciators of art, there are also many talented artists that call Nevada City home. The town has a great Kindergarten through eighth grade school not far from downtown. While the school still teaches things like history and math, it leaves a lot of room for kids to learn about and create art. Many of the student’s works can be seen displayed throughout the school. Nevada City affords a lot of opportunities for budding artists to share their talents with the world. Artists can post their works for sale in local galleries, restaurants, or even come face to face with the public at street fairs. Lucky for them, residents put a lot of emphasis on buying locally. So many of the works you may see displayed in local buildings or homes might be local works.
  2. Price– Let’s face it, big city’s come with big price tags. Places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City are expensive to live in. You pay a lot of money for a relatively small place. In Nevada City, your money goes a lot further. Dependent on what part of Nevada City you want to live in, the price ranges from $250,000 to almost a million dollars. But these aren’t little two bedroom apartments. These are homes with their own unique features and views that inspire. Don’t want to buy a home? There are also numerous rentals throughout the area. Houses aren’t the only thing priced better. Great food and drink are available wherever you are with a range of cuisines from Thai to local handcrafted brews. Your taste buds will go as far as your imagination.
  3. Views-No matter where you go in Nevada City, the views are spectacular. Whether it be on the second floor of the National Hotel looking over Broad Street or on the top of a hill overlooking the rolling hills, there is something magical about Nevada City’s views. It leaves you with this feeling of awe at how vast Earth is. Seeing the rolling hills covered in green pines and rivers that seem to cut right through the land in just the right places. No matter where you are in town, Nevada City looks like a landscape painting.
  4. Activities-Although Nevada City may seem like a slow pace town, there is always something to do. Starting in January, there are two film festivals that draw people from all over the world. In the spring, farmer’s markets pop up and hiking trails become crowded. Summer means crowded river fronts and residents coming to downtown in the evening for the street fairs. Fall and winter means Victorian Christmas, various Christmas-themed productions of the professional and school variety, and the opportunity to cruise up Highway 20 to find the fresh powder that every boarder loves. This only scratches the surface of what’s available. You’ll just have to come up to see if for yourself.
  5.  People-Like the culture, Nevada City has one of a kind residents. Residents are everywhere from eccentric hippies to commuters looking to get away from it all. While the uniqueness of the area may make you think the residents are snooty, they are quite the opposite. Residents are as kind as every small town stereotype would have you believe. Many will go out of their way to make sure that visitors see all that the town has to offer. You’ll get restaurant recommendations to places that are off the beaten path, trails to avoid, and even secret parts of the river. Our residents are like no other.

Nevada City is a great place to live, and we are so grateful that it was recognized. Want to move here? Give us a call at any one of our four offices. Our agents would love to help you call this little town your home.


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