Fall may be making itself known in Grass Valley, but winter is right on its heels. While winters in the Grass Valley area might not be as brutal as they are up the hill in Lake Tahoe, we still get our fair share of cold winds, rain, and, every once in a while, snow. With the coming of winter also means the coming of the holidays. First up, Thanksgiving. But before you settle around the table with family and friends, you should get your house ready for winter. Check out our tips and tricks below for how to get your home ready for the coming winter.

  1. Winterize your home – Before winter really sets into Nevada County, store summer tools and appliances like air conditioner units, grills and lawn mowers. Bring garden hoses indoors and check your windows and doors for drafts. In cases of frost warnings, be sure to wrap any exposed piping or sprinklers. Nothing says inconvenience like an exploding sprinkler in the middle of a snow storm!
  2. Make a Turkey Game Plan – No coach would head to a big game without a game plan up his sleeve. Likewise, no chef should hit the kitchen without thinking through the menu and timeline first. Determine what menu items you can make ahead, decide what responsibilities you can delegate, and take an inventory of your pantry and china cabinet. Many Nevada County grocery stores are either closed all day or have shorter Thanksgiving hours, so make sure you have everything before Turkey day. One great way to mix up the menu and alleviate some stress is to have all attendees bring a side dish. It’ll save you time in the kitchen and be a great way to expand your palate. Oh, and now’s the time to clean that oven, too.
  3. Polish the Silver and Dust off the China – Thanksgiving is a special meal, which deserves the best of your entertaining arsenal. Because we don’t often use our special dishes year round, it’s smart to give them a good deep clean and polish before setting the table on Turkey Day. Plus it will give you an opportunity to check how everything is holding up and replace as needed.
  4. Give your living room a refresh – With the holidays ahead, your living room is sure to get plenty of use. Give the space a refresh by changing out the window treatments for a new look. Adding throw pillows, recent magazines, new coffee table books, coasters, or throw blankets will also change the space up for a low cost.
  5. Use some pest controlRodents and other pests are opportunistic and seek warmer environments when the temperatures drop. Be sure that they don’t call your house their home by having your local pest company do an outdoor and indoor inspection. Keep an eye on places that tend to get damp like around and under sinks.
  6. Clear out the gutters – Avoid drainage problems, roof damage, and damage to your home’s foundation by clearing out the gutters before snow and ice wreaks havoc. While it takes a lot of work, it ultimately saves you a lot of money in the long run.
  7. Be ready for snow – Before the first winter storm, it’s a good idea to make sure your snow shovels and/or snow blower are in proper working order. While the Grass Valley area doesn’t see snow often, it’s important that these materials are ready just in case.
  8. Start tackling the December to do list – The holiday to do list is notoriously the longest of the year. Get a head start by ordering your holiday cards, updating your address book, and making a gift wish list for each of your family members NOW. You can even start stringing twinkle lights on your shrubbery before the deep chill sets in. After all, the most important part of the holidays is taking the time to enjoy our family and friends.

That’s it for now! Check back in later for more how to get your home holiday ready.