The process leading up to making an offer on a home can be a daunting. After you’ve found the right home, you will still need to assess various factors that can impact both the details of your offer and the seller’s willingness to work with you. If you are considering making an offer on a home, you may want to start by getting some information about the seller and their history with the home. The first question to consider is:

Why are you selling?

In some sense, what you are really asking is: “how motivated are you to sell your home?” Assessing the type of answer you receive to the initial question may help you structure a potential offer. For instance, if the homeowner has already purchased another property or the family is trying to relocate, you might be dealing with a flexible seller. Gaining some insight into the seller’s motivation will help you determine not only how motivated they are to sell but also how they might assess your offer.

Another question that can help you understand how the seller might view your offer is:

How much did you pay for your home?

Though this might seem like privileged information, such statistics are actually public record. Generally speaking, the seller who purchased their home for a low price and built up equity in the property over several years may be more flexible when approached with offers. On the other hand, homeowners who haven’t seen such an increase in their home’s value might be more reluctant to lower their asking price.

After gaining an understanding of how the seller might treat a potential offer, you may want to ask questions about the upkeep of the home and the quality of the surrounding neighborhood. Beginning with the quality of the property itself, you will certainly want to inquire:

What types of repairs have been done recently?

You may want to start by asking the homeowner about your specific concerns. Homeowners will always be happy to tell you about upgrades that have been made to the home, but you may want to pay attention to what isn’t mentioned. It is important to ask because you will be able to tell if a kitchen or bathroom was remodeled after viewing the home or consulting the disclosure document, but you might miss some smaller issues that could impact the details of your offer.

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