How to Really Clean Your Home Before Your Open House

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Spring selling season is almost upon us! If you have decided this is the year to sell your house, the first step is to prepare it for the market. We don't mean buying furniture or making your home look like it's right out of a magazine. This means giving it a thorough cleaning. And we're not just [...]

The Benefits of Home Staging-Part Two

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As we learned in part one of the benefits of home staging, there are numerous benefits to home staging. Not only will it allow your home to look more enticing to prospective home buyers, but it will help your home to sell faster. This is because your home is set up to make your home look bigger, [...]

The Benefits of Home Staging-Part One

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Home staging has become an increasingly a great way for people to sell their homes more quickly and for more money. Its overall goal is to help prospective home buyers emotionally connect with a space. Home staging isn’t limited to just high-end properties. It has become a norm for homes at all price points. While [...]

How to Attract Potential Buyers

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The increased supply of homes for sale gives buyers the opportunity to explore multiple options. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a home stands out. There are many ways to prepare a home for an open house. While most sellers know to clean up the front lawn, paint the rooms neutral colors, dust, and polish, [...]

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