The lazy breezes and bright blue skies of summer aren’t just for the outdoors! Banish the last of winter by pulling back the drapes and letting the sunshine in. Tuck dark throw pillows and accessories into the closet until fall. It only takes a few easy swaps—like remaking your bed or rolling out a summer rug—to transform you home into a tranquil summer escape. Here are my six favorite easy changes.

1. Bedding Swap

It’s not just that your winter bed looks warm—it is warm! During the hot months, feel cool and relaxed by swapping out your heavy winter bedding. Bring in lighter colors and fabrics or go with all white, as darker colors attract and trap heat.

Some easy changes in the bedroom include switching to a light bed skirt and shams. Or, you could add light-colored accent pillows. Look for a lightweight throw to toss on the end of the bed for a summer nap.

2. Throw on Pillows

Accent pillows quickly change the mood in your den or living room. It’s great to have some for different seasons of the year, or even as holiday decorations. In the summer, lighten the room with summery pillows. Look for options with soft, light fabric. You can go with warm shades of lemon, orange or vibrant greens, or opt for the cool blue shades of the ocean and sky. If you like print, bright florals or geometrics set a happy tone.

3. Go Botanical

Blooming flowers just spell summer and aren’t limited to the garden outside. Select a few blooming houseplants to use indoors. A striking orchid is a showstopper and blooms for a very long time. Other flowers that do well indoors include the African violet, cyclamen, Persian violet and the tuberous begonia.

Move from tabletop plants to the floor with a showy palm plant. There are a number of varieties you can pick up at a garden center. Choose a ceramic pot without a drain hole so you won’t have water leaking on the floor. Instead of planting your palm, just set the plastic nursery pot down inside your ceramic container. You can hide the soil with some dried moss or beautiful stones.

4. Show Off Souvenirs

Treasures from beach explorations or summer vacations just beg to be shown in the summer. Gather up starfish, baskets of shells and nautical lanterns to create a display.

Think about your favorite summer pastime and how you might use trinkets from it to create a fun mantle display. If you garden, you can add pot of ivy nestled next to a bright watering can and place seed packets on easels. If your family loves the ballpark, have some fun by placing a vase of flowers inside a red and white popcorn container. Add a vintage mitt and some signed baseballs to finish the scene.

Dig into your photos and frame shots of the family enjoying their favorite summer fun, from making s’mores at the campground to tumbling down the waterslide. If you’ve made scrapbooks or photo albums of summer trips, bring them out of the closet and place them on the coffee table.

5. Summer’s Bounty

Let the bounty of summer shine as a yummy home decor you can eat. When you visit the farmer’s market, fill your basket with bright produce. Use glass jars or bowls to showcase your produce. Lemons or limes are beautiful to display and great to pop in tea or lemonade. Both citruses and tree fruits, such as nectarines, make beautiful summer centerpieces on your table. You can also place fresh pots of herbs like basil or marjoram on the counter, in the center of an island or in the window of the kitchen.

6. Bottoms Up

What’s the easiest, most impactful way to take your dark winter look into the summer season? Changing your area rugs! It’s such an easy transition. Simply vacuum your dark winter rug and roll it up. If you don’t have a designated storage area, you can store it under a bed, behind a sofa or along the back of a closet wall. Replace it with a new rug in a summery shade.

Summer is the perfect time to bring in a different texture or color. Natural woven rugs, like sisal and jute, look light and bring the feel like a summer cottage. Or, go with a plush rug in a soft summer shade or a creamy neutral. If you have a parade of kids and pets through the house in the summer months, an indoor-outdoor rug is a durable choice that’s easy to clean.

For a while, it seemed as if summer would never get here. Now that it has, don’t let it slip by without enjoying it—inside and out.

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