We’ve all heard the warnings against having white furniture, but for every argument against it, there’s a better reason to take the plunge. Don’t fear the dinge or the dirt: learn why white is the right way to open your home to endless design possibilities. Here are five reasons why you should embrace the white couch trend.

It’s a Natural Neutral.

“Snow,” “pearl,” “salt,” or “lace”… whatever the specific name of the hue, white goes with everything. In addition to the absolute crisp, clean look a white sofa offers when paired with white walls, it can also blend beautiful, monochromatic texture into a setting of muted tones or soft pastels. On the other side of the spectrum, nothing pops like a white sofa in a room with bold or dark colors. And just think of the eye-catching juxtaposition you can achieve when you set a white sofa against exposed brick or wood. The contrast is stunning.

It Will Last Through Changing Spaces.

The fact that white goes with everything means that it will last you through your redecorating phases, furniture rearrangements and even new homes. Furniture is an investment, and buying white increases the likelihood that there will be no need to purchase a new couch with your next move. With each new wall color or architectural style, white furniture will fit. A white sofa can easily transition to another living or family room, or a master bedroom, enclosed porch, or finished basement. Such versatility is a great benefit when redesigning a space or moving into a new one.

It Can be Casual or Formal.

Slipcovered styles are among the most popular among white sofas in the marketplace. These casual, cushy clouds deliver a timeless cottage look. If you want to create a refreshing, relaxing atmosphere, whether you own an actual cottage or not, a white slipcovered sofa is a solid anchor. With that said, not every white sofa has to be casual. Picture a mid-century modern silhouette in white leather for a streamlined look that can be dressed up or down. Or imagine something even more unexpected, like a Victorian frame upholstered in white fabric that brings an antique into the modern world.

It Changes With the Seasons.

Here’s the really fun part: whether it’s modern, traditional or transitional, every white sofa offers the opportunity to try something new whenever you want. It’s a blank canvas, waiting and open to change. Pillows and throws that have just the right touch of glam, whimsy or tradition for the season — or the moment — may be incorporated with very little commitment. No matter how you want to accessorize for the long or short-term, the colors will always be right on a white sofa. You might prefer a monochrome look now and want to bring in lots of color later. A white sofa offers the best opportunity to embrace the color palette of each season and as much or as little glitz as you would like, and it will ALL look good.

It’s Easy to Clean.

Here’s another beauty of the white sofa: You know when it’s dirty. When you see a spill or notice that it’s looking a bit soiled, you can act on it. And today’s improved fabrics make it easier than ever to keep your sofa looking its absolute best. Slipcovers are easily removable and can be tossed in the laundry without fuss. Leather and microfibers wipe clean with little effort. And when a real situation arises, white can be bleached a lot easier than any other color.

So what are you waiting for? Take a chance on a white couch today!

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