The bathroom design trends of 2017 have arrived! While we don’t intend for you to redo your entire bathroom based on these trends, you can do some smaller projects that will last. Here’s a look at the latest in bathroom amenities and décor for your consideration.

Heated flooring and built-in appliances

Heated bathroom flooring is a growing trend among many homeowners. It comes in concrete, vinyl and tile options, which makes it easy to match your existing decor. In addition to providing heat to the entire bathroom, heated flooring also helps to reduce noise and prevent the spread of dust and other allergens. Built-in refrigeration units — used to store organic remedies and medicines — are also popular bathroom additions. Towel- and robe-warming drawers are also trending in 2017.

Small-scale luxury

Designer sink fixtures; free-standing, single-person bathtubs and walk-in showers are popular one-off bathroom additions. Space-saving shelving in place of traditional cabinetry is also a sought-after bathroom upgrade. While you might not go for platinum faucets, you can use beautiful silver, copper or nickel pieces to accent the bathroom & make it look top rated.

Curbless showers

Curbless showers open space and create a sense of luxury. The curbless design also pairs well with decorative tile and cutting-edge shower fixtures. If you have a shower already, you can redesign it to be smaller and more open. If you have a bathtub, you might need to pull it out and start fresh.

Three-dimensional tiles

Three-dimensional tiles can serve as individual focal points or eye-catching alternatives to painted accent walls. 3-D tiles also range in price, making them affordable for most budgets. Make sure they don’t take away from the entire appearance of the bathroom, though. You might consider a backsplash for the counter area if you want the look as a smaller feature.

Mediterranean-inspired designs

Mediterranean-inspired design is a meeting of old-world style and modern glitz. This design style combines the elegant charm of terracotta with the glamor of modern metallic. Mosaic tiles can also add richness to the space and accent the tub or shower area.

Rustic and industrial

Bare copper pipes match exposed brick and concrete accents. Speak to a contractor to see if exposing your copper pipes is right for your bathroom. Additionally, warm wood cabinets and drawers add to a rustic feel by creating an inviting atmosphere.

Dark colors

Dramatic, somber colors are coming to the bathroom. The combination of white fixtures and dark colors prevents a gloomy feeling – especially when coupled with gold accents. If white seems like too much, consider neutral colors. Tans, creams and greys are a good compromise that still look nice.

If your bathroom no longer gives you joy, maybe it’s time to rediscover a look that will break your notions about the space. Whether your space is small or large, the trends of 2017 will help to turn it into a place of relaxation and luxury.

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