5 Secrets to Cutting Costs on Your Next DIY Home Design Overhaul

With many of us confined to staying at home during the current global pandemic, now could be the ideal time to embark on a DIY home design overhaul. Of course, transforming a tired living space into one that’s timelessly stylish and effortlessly practical comes with a number of cumulative costs, but there are plenty of [...]

June 2020 Tops

Congratulations to our tops for June 2020! Charlie Brock is our top listing agent and Tim Fahey is our top producing and selling agent. The Sharps are our top producing, listing, and selling couple. The Congdon Group is our top listing and selling team, and Tyson Tucker is our top producing commercial agent. Thank you [...]

Transform Your Home For Stay-At-Home

What day is it? Where is my laptop? Where can I find a quiet place?  Should we have dinner on the couch…again? Didn’t we have a dining room table? These are some of the common daily questions due to COVID-19. The days blend together and our constant family togetherness has completely transformed our needs at [...]

May 2020 Tops

Congratulations to our tops for May 2020! Charlie Brock is our top producing agent, Lore Reynolds-Hamilton and Tim Fahey are our top listing agents, and Tim Fahey is also our top selling agent. The Sharps are our top producing and selling couple, and the Bulantis are our top listing and selling couple. The Congdon Group [...]

5 Reasons to Call a Professional Cleaner During COVID-19

The value of regular cleaning and disinfecting the spaces we occupy has become more important than ever. Following the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), it’s extremely important for the safety of you, your loved ones and colleagues that you take all precautions in preventing the spread of [...]

Balancing Working at Home with Kids

Social distancing has created a new dynamic for people working across all industries in the US. Many workers find themselves working from home with children of various ages who are home from daycare or practicing distance learning. Family, work and school are now melting together, and parents must adapt and adjust to this new normal. [...]

Pantone’s Color of the Year: It’s a Blue 2020

It’s a color that has been immortalized in song (Blue oh, so lonesome for you…) and represents a low period personally (but fantastically inspired, artistically) of one of the most revered masters of all time—a time in which Picasso himself was admittedly, well, blue, over the death of a friend. But while blue has, in [...]

How to Keep Your Kids’ Minds Moving

These are certainly challenging times, especially if you have children who are home because their schools and daycare facilities have been temporarily shut down due to COVID-19. Whether or not you are working from home yourself, many still need to figure out how to keep their kids busy and challenged – without the options of [...]

The Rural Revolution: Bringing Rustic Design Kicking & Screaming Into the 2020s

The rustic look has long been a celebrated staple of interior design, having injected a sense of quaint yet elegant traditionalism into homes across the globe for centuries. However, this much-loved aesthetic doesn’t have to be limited to traditional farmhouses, log cabins and country cottages – far from it! Rustic design can easily be fused [...]

April 2020 Tops

Congratulations to our tops for April 2020!  Lore Reynolds-Hamilton is our top producing and listing agent, and Tim Fahey, Debbie Krogman, Emily Menesini, and Barbara Parrott are our top selling agents. The Sharps are our top producing and selling couple, and Jon Blinder and Tyson Tucker are our top selling commercial agents. Thank you all [...]