Living eco-friendly in Nevada County doesn’t have to be complicated. Some of the easiest and most efficient environment-friendly solutions are right under your nose – or above your head – take the sun, for instance. This limitless ball of brilliant energy looming large overhead is one renewable resource just waiting to be tapped for its abundance. And Mother Earth never disappoints by providing us with many natural offerings that don’t need to sap the unsustainable. Here are a few ways to get the most from what is plentiful while still giving back to the environment.

Soak Up the Sun. Capture the potency of sun rays inside solar panels to generate star power – it’s the cleaner, greener way to go. Today, new innovations in panel designs offer more aesthetic options like solar shingles that mimic traditional ones. The sun’s strength is significant, especially while living in sunny locations like California. So, use the surplus to harness solar power and keep your entire home running on clean energy instead of relying on fossil fuels. Use the sun to run your main electrical panel, water heater, lights, indoor heating and battery charging units.

Water Down. Consider some of these simple measures for conserving water every day. Turn off the faucet until you’re ready to rinse while washing your face and hands or brushing teeth – it’s money, quite literally, down the drain. Use double-basin sinks as intended. Fill one side with soapy water, the other with clean water – wash, rinse, repeat, conserve. Use ENERGY STAR-certified appliances and opt for low flow water-saving showerheads and modern, money-saving toilets that use far less water. Finally, capture rainwater and use it in the garden – it’s an easy answer to drought and a free water resource that’s heaven sent.

Groundbreakers. Go full speed ahead and floor it without consequence when you use renewable resources such as cork, bamboo and linoleum underfoot. These materials are excellent flooring options that don’t wreak havoc on the environment. Take note that shock-absorbent cork and easy-to-install bamboo renew in just three to five years in nature. And making a comeback in new color choices is natural, durable linoleum. Other eco-friendly surfaces are polished concrete, recycled rubber and reclaimed wood. All are great flooring choices that lay the groundwork for responsible homeownership.

Today, living green is easier than ever by choosing sustainable resources whenever possible and using energy efficiently. With forward-thinking options to implement, you can affect your carbon footprint and the environment positively – it’s a win-win for everyone.

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