Cats can be very affectionate and lovable pets, especially if they are in a happy, healthy home. Since cats are territorial species, their environment is incredibly important to their well being. Below are five tips to make your home a great home for your cat as well!

Tip #1: Always keep their food bowls full- Cats are very different from humans, and as such have different behavioral tendencies. Domestic cats still have innate wild instincts intended to help them survive in nature and it’s important to preserve those habits when your cat lives mainly indoors. Cats in the wild are accustomed to eating several small meals throughout the day, so it’s better to leave a full bowl of food out at all times so they eat when they please. Cats are experts at self-regulating their food intake and feeding them just two times a day can lead to serious consequences. Cats also prefer to eat alone, something that humans consider a more social undertaking. So if you have multiple cats, make sure that you have several bowls in different locations.

Tip #2: Separate their water bowl from their food bowl- Another natural behavior of cats is that they don’t usually consume food and water in the same sitting. While most owners place both bowls side-by-side, in the wild cats hunt for food or search for water in two different occasions. Placing the water bowl next to the food down can actually deter cats from drinking sufficient water since cats find it very rewarding to have to find water elsewhere, they enjoy the challenge. While to human owners putting the food and water bowls in the same place can be seen as being thoughtful and convenient for your pet, it’s actually the opposite of what cats prefer!

Tip #3: Have a tall scratching post- It’s understandable that most cat owners don’t like the thought of an unsightly scratching post, but it’s important to think of how happy and healthy it will keep your pet. Scratching posts give ample benefits to your cat, ranging from providing a high place where they feel safe, scratching to maintain their claws, and as places to mark their territory. If adequate provisions aren’t made, cats will often scratch furniture or curtains, something way worst than the scratching post itself. Scratching posts should be as tall as possible, allowing your cat to fully stretch its body. There are even new models on the market that have modern design elements!

Tip #4: Have a variety of toys for predatory play- As mentioned before, domestic cats still have strong wild instincts that need to be tailored to when they’re confined to a life indoors. Out in the wild, cats spend roughly 6 hours a day hunting for food, making indoor cats susceptible to the problems of a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why is extremely important that you make some time to play with your cat everyday to keep it entertained. Please your cat with toys that have fur or feathers like their natural prey would. Challenge them with wands, ribbons, or laser, making them run and jump around your home. Tunnels, puzzles, and ball games are also great options to keep your cat busy when you’re not home. Cats may be different from humans in many ways, buy they also get bored and depressed.

Tip #5: Provide a nice, cozy bed for them- Cats spend most of the day sleeping, so make sure that they’re comfortable when they do. If you buy your cat a bed, place it a high place, preferably not on the floor, as cats tend to feel vulnerable on the floor and enjoy being able to see their surroundings from a higher place. They also like to sleep in warm areas, so consider putting their bed somewhere where it gets sunlight or other forms of heat. Your cat may also love sleeping on your bed; they feel comforted by the scent of their owner. Other places your cat may like to nap on include the couch, chairs, inside your dresser, or anywhere hidden from plain sight. It’s important that you give cats their own personal space as they’re highly private creatures. Whether you buy then a bed or they use something you already own as their bed, make sure they’re undisturbed and comfortable when they’re resting!

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