At Coldwell Banker, we strongly believe that pets help make a house a home. As demonstrated by our latest campaign, we also believe in adopting your next best friend from a local shelter.

You may not know this, but Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty works with local animal shelters to promote pets that are available for adoption. To help promote the local animal shelters, we’ll be promoting those animals here as well as in our monthly publication Home View. This month we are working with Animal Save.

Drosselmeyer (male, 3 years+) Very sweet boy. Unique markings, and a funny meow.
Hercules (male, 5 months) Gentle, sweet, and very soft. Loves people.
Jane (female, 12 weeks) Adorable kitten, loves attention.
Liberty (female, 5 months) A wonderful combination of cuddly and adventurous.
Mia (female, 8 months) Fun personality, loves people.
Tally (female, 6 years+) Long-term resident waiting for someone special.