Welcome back to the Nevada County Communities series! Last time we told you about Alta Sierra and what it had to offer. This time, we’ll be discussing another community called Lake of the Pines (LOP).

Located close to the Nevada County and Placer County line, Lake of the Pines is a gated community approximately 10 miles from Auburn. Lake of the Pines is at an elevation of approximately 1500 feet. It is below the snow line and does not get snow as often as towns higher up in Nevada County get snow. Like Alta Sierra, the community was developed in the 1960s. The community is approximately 1.8 square miles of residential properties all surrounding a reservoir created by damming Magnolia Creek aptly called Lake of the Pines. The community also boasts a 19 hole golf course, clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, and much more!  The community has a population slightly below 4,000 with a mix of families and couples.

With this mix of residents comes a mix of age groups. Many families in the community have school age children. So you’re probably wondering, where are the schools? There is an elementary, middle, and high school right outside the gates. Many homes even look out at those schools. There is also a K-12 Christian school available. All of your school needs are available right outside of the LOP gates.

One thing many residents appreciate is the gate. With 24 hour security and alert staff, no one will get into Lake of the Pines without security knowing about it. Security also drives through the area daily, making sure that residents are safe. You can always call them and they will respond. Many residents appreciate this extra sense of security.

Lake of the Pines also boasts a clubhouse with spectacular views of the lake, fine dining, and a yacht lounge. Enjoy your dinner while watching local wildlife frolic in the lake. Many residents have dinner in the clubhouse at least once a month. Who wouldn’t with those spectacular views of the sun setting over the lake.

Lake of the Pines offers its residents a range of clubs from dancing to bridge. While some of the clubs may have monthly dues or small fees to join, many residents partake in what Lake of the Pines has to offer. Along with the variety of clubs are the variety of events that happen all year round. From a Fourth of July parade to paint nights at the clubhouse, you’ll never be bored. Lake of the Pines tries to offer a diverse range of interests to keep all of its residents happy.

There are all sorts of recreational options around the lake all year long. When it’s warm out, residents with boats go water skiing or kayaking. When it’s a little cooler, residents go on brisk walks around the mostly level streets. Don’t want to swim in the lake? There is a pool available for residents along with swimming lessons for the little ones. But the recreation isn’t purely water based. There is also a 19 hole golf course in the community and tennis courts available for residents. It doesn’t matter what time of the year or day it is, there is always something to do in the area.

The best part? We have an office just down the road from the gated entrance, so you can easily tour the area with a Coldwell Banker agent who knows the area well. Want to move here? Give one of our great agents a call!