Carpets make your home feel welcoming and cozy. They especially come as a relief from cold tile, wood, or linoleum. But carpets also take a lot of abuse from day-to-day life. From entry ways to well tread paths through rooms, carpets can show wear and tear quickly. Because they take a beating, we researched five ways to keep those carpets clean.

#1 Buy a Good Vacuum

Your vacuum is your first line of defense against dirty carpets. Whether you do it every day, every other day, or once a week, a good vacuum is a great investment for anyone with carpet. Follow these tips to stay ahead of dust and dander:

  • Look for vacuums with easy-to-empty canisters and strong suction. Not only will this make it easier on you, it will also make it easier to see if anything is getting trapped in your vacuum.
  • Vacuum at least once a week. Although your carpet may not show dirt and other materials, they are still there. That is why you should be sure to vacuum your carpet once a week.
  • Go slow and steady to ensure the vacuum is getting up dirt. Vacuuming quickly means that dirt and grime will be left behind. You don’t want to go so slow that it takes hours to vacuum one carpet, but you don’t want to be done in just a few seconds. Vacuuming at a steady pace means that everything will get picked up and not linger until the next time you vacuum.
  • Don’t ignore corners. They may be inconvenient to get to, but corners tend to harbor the most dust and dander. If you have hard to reach corners, you can always use a vacuum extension wand with or without extra vacuum head attachment. If you do it correctly, you won’t get those gross black corners!

#2 Use Good Spot Cleaners

You can use a variety of spot cleaners to keep your carpets clean. You can easily pick some up at your local grocery or hardware store. Don’t have enough money to spend on extra spot cleaners? Use the following around-the-house cleaners for DIY stain removers:

  • Hydrogen peroxide. It foams up when it comes into contact with blood. This lifts the stain and allows you to dab it away.
  • Laundry detergent. You use it on your clothes, so you can use it on your carpets as well! It cuts grease and allows you to blot messes away.
  • Shaving cream. It doesn’t matter what brand you use. It helps to lift the stains. Let the shaving cream set for 30 minutes and then blot it away with a dry cloth.

It’s important to remember to blot your carpet stains. Rubbing stained spots only spreads stain-causing liquids. Blotting uses a small amount of pressure to soak up the stain. It may be tedious, but it helps lift out the stains and make the appearance lighter. Rubbing will allow the stain to spread and soak into the carpet. So remember, blot blot blot!

#3 Buy Organic Cleaners

Organic cleaners remove messes without using harmful chemicals. This is especially important for homes with small children or pets. The residue left behind by dangerous cleaners can pose a threat to certain family members. Also, many organic cleaners don’t leave behind strong chemical odors. Organic cleaners will usually be a little more expensive than others, but they are usually safer for households with pets or small children.

#4 Hire a Maid Service

One of the keys to keeping a clean carpet is staying ahead of the mess. Hiring a maid for several hours each week is a simple — and labor-free — way to keep your home spotless. Also, professional cleaning services remember to clean the easily forgotten areas of your home that can become major mess magnets. Can’t afford a maid every week? You can always hire them once a month or once a season to do a thorough cleaning of your home. We understand that this is an expensive option, but it can be worth it once you see the results. You can always rent a carpet cleaner from the grocery store if you want to. They are less expensive than a maid and you can do it on your own time.

#5 Time Your Cleanings

The early spring months are the best time to begin a deep clean of your carpets. You’ll be able to remove all the grime and dust that accumulates in the winter before the summer humidity arrives. Humidity traps moisture in your carpets and can cause mold and mildew growth.

That’s what we have for now. We hope you find these tips helpful next time you clean your carpets.

The most important time to clean your carpets is right before you decided to sell your home. Want an agent that can help get your home market ready? Contact a Coldwell Banker agent today!