Making Your Home Stand Out: Strategies for a Successful Sale

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In today’s Nevada County real estate market, ensuring your home outshines the competition is crucial to cinching a quick and profitable sale. These home selling strategies, along with the guidance of a trusted real estate agent, can make all the difference in a competitive landscape. Enhance Your Curb Appeal First impressions are not just lasting [...]

5 Simple Ideas for Fall Home Makeovers

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Whether your fall interior design aesthetic is spooky, sophisticated or somewhere in between, it’s the ideal moment to implement some fresh ideas to spectacularly enjoy the season. If you’re ready to deck out your home for fall, here are five easy, creative ways to infuse fall colors and textures into your décor: Add Seasonal Wreaths [...]

Six Tips for Productivity When Working from Home

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Adapting to a new work environment is always difficult, even when it’s moving into the comfort of your own home. Working from home can present new obstacles. Different variables like implementing new rules, practicing good habits, and maintaining a healthy balance, are very important. With the help of two experienced real estate agents with Coldwell [...]

Do You Have This Common Household Product in Your Cleaning Arsenal?

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Did you know Hydrogen Peroxide has magical cleaning powers? Well, OK, maybe not magic but it is a pretty awesome green product to have handy around the house. Here are some great ways to use it to get your home nice and clean. Be sure you are using the  3% solution. Whiten Grout Cleaning grout [...]

Pet Peeves That Turn Homebuyers Off

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When someone is searching for a home to buy, gut instinct and first impressions are crucial to making a positive impact. Even if your home ticks all the boxes for you, there is a chance you may be offending potential buyers without ever knowing it. Here is our list of pet peeves that turn buyers [...]

The Lazy Guide to Spring Cleaning at Home

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After a long winter, nothing feels better than having a clean and sparkling home. After being cooped up inside with the wind and rain blowing past your home, it feels good to open up the windows and let some fresh air in. The amount of work that goes into having a clean home is exhausting. [...]

Five Things to Think About When Choosing a Buyer’s Agent

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You may not know it, but there is a lot more to being a buyer's agent than simply finding a home and showing you were to sign. Buyer's agents specialize in searching, evaluation, and negotiating the purchase of a home on behalf of a buyer. As a buyer, they will be the person in your [...]

Three Important Tips for Welcoming Home Your Newly Adopted Dog

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Bringing home your newly adopted dog is always an adjustment for everyone involved. It's an adjustment for you because you are now adding a new friend into your life that requires a lot of work and attention. It's an adjustment for the dog because they are learning all about you and want you want. It’s [...]

How to Open Your Pool

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Spring is in full bloom and this can mean a lot of things for many different people. For many it means you need to start to clear off the patio to make it a beautiful place for the summer. For the lucky ones who own a pool, you’re surely thinking (probably dreading) about opening it for [...]

Rattlesnake Safety at Home

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Rattlesnake safety is important as Nevada County residents head out to the yard and beyond to enjoy warm spring weather. Spring ushers in the time of year when most rattlesnake bites occur: between April and October. Many species of venomous snakes are native to California, including Pacific rattlesnakes, diamondbacks, and sidewinders. In addition, these and [...]

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