House training your dog or puppy

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House-training your new dog or puppy can take patience and time, but it is usually not complicated! Here are the basic steps to house-training your new canine family member to take care of ‘business’ in the appropriate potty spot: SUPERVISE Keep your dog under constant supervision while inside – if you must take your eyes [...]

Finding Puppy Love at Home

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At Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty, we love animals of all shapes and sizes. In fact, our corporate affiliate hosts a nationwide adopt-a-thon from local pet shelters. We also have many ads that remind everyone that a house is not a home until you have a pet with you. If you’re thinking of welcoming a [...]

How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Home

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You’ve heard of baby-proofing your home, but what about puppy-proofing? We know from experience how mischievous a new puppy can be in your home. Aside from chewing up shoes and ripping up newspaper, failure to take proper precautions could result in your dog getting hurt. Here are some helpful tips to remember when considering your [...]

Three Important Tips for Welcoming Home Your Newly Adopted Dog

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Bringing home your newly adopted dog is always an adjustment for everyone involved. It's an adjustment for you because you are now adding a new friend into your life that requires a lot of work and attention. It's an adjustment for the dog because they are learning all about you and want you want. It’s [...]

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