Three Staging Touches That Up Your Chances of an Offer

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It takes more than finding a Realtor® and posting a “For Sale” sign in the front yard for a successful home sale. Getting your house in order is the first step to a quick offer. The secret is to give potential buyers the opportunity to imagine their “stuff” and family living in the home. Plus, [...]

How to Captivate Home Buyers By Capturing a Hotel Vibe

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When it comes time to sell your home, you need to keep one thing in mind: buyers don’t want to see or feel you in the house. What we mean is that buyers are looking for a blank slate that they can envision making their very own. They don’t want your family pictures, unique style, [...]

How Your Front Entrance Can Sell Your Home

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If only selling your home was as simple as snapping your fingers. We’d love that, and we’re sure you would too. No appraisals, inspections, or having to spend time making your home sparkling clean for every buyer. Oh what a dream. Unfortunately, reality is rarely that kind. Instead, there are a thousand little details that [...]

How to Create an Inviting Master Bedroom

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When prospective buyers walk into a master bedroom, they are looking for a room that’s inviting, spacious, bright, elegant, and comfortable. Staging this key room to create those feelings is just as important as the kitchen and bath in getting your property sold timely and for asking price. Before listing your home this year, set [...]

Staging An Empty Home

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Many sellers find themselves in a predicament when they are forced to relocate quickly without having time to sell their existing homes. The could have been forced to move quickly because of a new job or other extenuating circumstances. In these cases, most sellers end up purchasing a home in their new location and selling [...]

Five Fantastic Kitchen Staging Ideas for Fall

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Selling your home in the Nevada County fall means adding small seasonal elements to make your home feel warm and welcoming. You want to give your home the essence of the season without going overboard. And, what better place to do that than in the kitchen? Here are some ideas to help you make your [...]

Staging Your Home for a Successful Sale This Fall

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With a competitive fall real estate market ahead, it may be challenging to get your property noticed and on the top of buyers’ lists. You'll have to do everything you can to make your house stand out from the crowd. But what do you do? The best advice we give our clients is to step back [...]

What to Do if Your Home Isn’t Selling

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You listed your home for sale in Nevada County with high hopes. Your neighbor down the road sold their home in a matter of days for over their asking price. You love your property and you felt certain that it would sell in a reasonable amount of time. But it’s been several months since you [...]

Four Easy Ways to Stage Your Home to Make it More Attractive to Buyers

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So you’re ready to sell your home – but is your home ready? It doesn't have to look like the homes in the magazines, but it should look nice enough to be featured all over the Internet. These quick and easy steps to stage your home are inexpensive, but will really stand out to buyers [...]

Five Tips on How to Sell Your Home in a Competitive Market

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What does it take to sell a home in a competitive market – a fresh coat of paint or a kitchen overhaul? Lowering the asking price or offering incentives? From cosmetic to strategic, smart sellers can take advantage of a few simple tips to get the most out of their properties. Here are five suggestions [...]

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