Staging An Empty Home

Many sellers find themselves in a predicament when they are forced to relocate quickly without having time to sell their existing homes. The could have been forced to move quickly because of a new job or other extenuating circumstances. In these cases, most sellers end up purchasing a home in their new location and selling their empty home in their previous location.

Selling an empty house can present challenges to individuals, because a large part of a property’s appeal is viewing it when it’s properly staged. For many sellers, it’s difficult to find that balance between empty enough that buyers can picture themselves in the home, but with enough furniture to see the room’s purpose. However, there are ways to overcome this obstacle and have a successful home showing.

Rent Furniture

The most immediate solution to an empty home is renting furniture sets to spruce up a home. Traditional staging rules should still be adhered to, and individuals should seek out furniture color palettes and accent pieces that are warm and neutral. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase extensive sets. Instead, a basic dining room set, a living room suite and bedroom set should suffice. In addition, you can borrow accent pieces from friends and family members to add more color and character to the home. Lastly, bringing small appliances, pictures and warm touches from their new home allows sellers to make the house feel more welcoming and family-oriented.

Clean and Update Thoroughly

A clean home is crucial for any sale, but it can be even more imperative for empty houses. Dust on the floors, dirty windows, and grime on countertops will be even more visible to potential buyers because there are fewer objects around to distract them or cover up imperfections. You can easily have this done before a showing. See if a friend or family member can stop by the home and do a quick wipe down, vacuum, and sweep of the home to clean up any noticeable dirt. You can also schedule a cleaner to come by once a week to clean the whole home while it is on the market. Deep clean carpets, clean windows, wash walls and make sure corners, vents and ceiling fans are dust-free before a showing. You’ll be amazed at how much cleaner and lighter your home looks after a deep clean. In addition, sellers may want to take advantage of the empty space and repaint walls or put in new floors to make the area appear more modern and fresh. These little details will really stand out to potential buyers.

Don’t Ignore the Outdoors

Sellers should avoid getting too caught up with the interior of the home and pay equal attention to the exterior. Curb appeal is important in selling a home, and the landscaping and condition of the house is the first thing buyers will see when they pull up to a property. Keep grass trimmed, plant a few flower beds, and make sure the home itself has been touched up to keep the outside profile looking neat. You can always hire professionals to stop by their home once a week to rake,  check the watering system, and make sure the front and backyards look tidy while the home is on the market.

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