Coldwell Banker Real Estate has now landed on a new look to guide the company into a new era. Six months after previewing a new logo and identity, Coldwell Banker Real Estate revealed its finalized design based on lessons learned from its “transparent rebrand” as it continues to shape the brand’s future. Based on initial field testing, the new logo was updated to include the “Coldwell Banker” wordmark displayed with the new “CB North Star” icon. The CB North Star mark, which symbolizes the brand’s position as a guide for clients and a leader in the real estate industry, is now featured in the brand’s new logo featured on yard signs, marketing materials, office concepts and a full suite of branded apparel.

We at Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty have already started working on our rebrand. We’re rolling out new CBGRR apparel, yard signs, website logos, and more. Stay tuned!