Sometimes the interior of your home can look a little bland. Adding some plants to the interior or exterior of your home can help brighten it up. Adding plants to the interior of your home can brighten it up and help purify the air. The only problem with plants is that sometimes they are high maintenance. They might require a lot of sunlight, so you have to cluster those plants all in that one corner of the living room where the sun always shines in. They might have strict watering schedules or have to regularly have the soil changed. We’ve found five low maintenance house plants that you can add to any space in your home. We also added some instructions on how to care for them. They are so easy to care for, anyone can do it!

1. English Ivy
English Ivy is known to grow effortlessly. It can even thrive under fluorescent light. Place your English Ivy on your bookshelf and let the vines grow for a dramatic effect. Just make sure that wherever you place it has enough room to grow while also being easy to trim if necessary.

2. Jade Plant
Jade is a popular succulent because it requires little care. It needs moderate lighting. You can water the plant when the top soil is dry to the touch. If you are feeling creative, try mixing up different kinds of succulents for a terrarium garden. These look great as centerpieces or accents on coffee tables.

3. Air Plants
As the name suggests, these plants don’t even need soil to survive! Each leaf of an air plant absorbs water and nutrients. Air plants need bright indirect light and they need to be soaked in a bowl of water for 30 minutes once a week. Show off your air plants on a piece of driftwood for a rustic look or in a hanging terrarium for a minimalist look. These would look great in any living room or office.

4. Areca Palm
Turn any room into a paradise with Areca Palms (aka Butterfly Palms). Areca Palm usually reaches a height of 6 feet when it is grown indoors. It requires bright indirect sunlight and it should be watered biweekly or when the soil dries out. This plant would be perfect for adding a sense of tranquility to any bedroom or entrance way.

5. Basil
These fragrant herbs grow indoors just as well as they do outdoors. Just make sure they get plenty of sunlight and water them often. The best part of growing a basil plant is that you can eat it! You can pick up a basil plant from your local Trader Joe’s! Place it in the kitchen for ease and convenience.

While we may have only skimmed the surface on easy to care for plants, these are some great ideas to get you started.

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