How to Safely Move your Plants to your New Home

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Moving can be stressful for all living beings. When it comes to change, plants are especially vulnerable. However, with a little love and some planning you can protect your plants and help them adjust to their new environment. Whether you are worried about your small succulent collection or you are a certified plant parent, be [...]

Seasonal Allergies- Seven Plants to Be Aware of as the Seasons Change

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As the seasons change in Nevada County, you should be enjoying the changing weather and scenery that come with the time of year. Unfortunately, during the spring and fall months in particular, millions of Americans are faced with a myriad of health problems that are brought on by the same culprits responsible for the seasonal [...]

Five Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

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With the weather outside warming up, many homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor living space but don’t want to get eaten by mosquitoes while doing so. Bug repellents and bug zappers are effective, but don’t keep those nasty bugs away from your outdoor living area. Check out these plants that naturally repel mosquitoes and other [...]

Top 5 Easy Houseplants You’ll Grow to Love

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Sometimes the interior of your home can look a little bland. Adding some plants to the interior or exterior of your home can help brighten it up. Adding plants to the interior of your home can brighten it up and help purify the air. The only problem with plants is that sometimes they are high [...]

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