Saving Energy, Water, and Money Has Never Been Easier

You know that 10 or 20 pounds that you just can’t seem to lose? You do the right thing — eat kale or log time on the StairMaster — but the weight clings. You feel powerless. It’s like that with our energy bills, too. Eighty-nine percent of us think we’re not using as much [...]

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Water Wise

On any given day, one might find several front page news articles covering the topic of water – whether it’s the political debate taking place in Detroit, Arizona officials introducing beetles to kill a particular tree that consumes a lot of water, or the drought in California. The lack of water is alarming and [...]

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Eco-Friendly Home Tips Make Going Green Easy

Incorporating eco-friendly measures in homes has moved beyond installing energy efficient appliances and swapping out incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescents – going green is giving home sellers a competitive advantage. With luxury condos touting eco-friendly features like rain water recycling, and home builders incorporating energy saving features into new homes, it’s no wonder [...]

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Staying On Top Of Green Energy Trends

Homeowners are commonly advised to consider energy-efficient improvements before selling a home, but the ever-evolving field of environmental technology makes it tough to stay on top of the most beneficial – and practical – green energy developments. While it might impress the neighbors to convert a standard home into an energy-saving powerhouse, doing so [...]

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