Having the #1 most-visited real estate website means consumers trust and recognize the brand power of Coldwell Banker. This is especially important because 93% of customers start their search for their home online. We drive consumers to our websites then connect them with our agents.



How did coldwellbanker.com become the #1 most-visited real estate brand online? The answer is simple: we have high brand recognition and findability. Here are the four must-have ingredients for a successful website:

1. Big Numbers

We are a trusted and established brand that has been around since 1906. We have 113 years of unmatched experience. We also have strength in numbers with over 3,000 offices in 44 countries and territories with 92,000 affiliated agents who wear blue proudly.

2. Undisputed Achievements

We are the winner of the 2018 and 2019 Women’s Choice Award, setting us apart from the rest of the brands in the market. And, our award-winning advertisements not only help consumers recognize us, but adore us as well.

3. Library of Listings

When sellers list with Coldwell Banker, they can take comfort in knowing that their listing is highly visible and shown to the right audience. Not only do we showcase listings on coldwellbanker.com, but we also have our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and International websites to make it easy for homebuyers to find their dream homes.

4. Matchmaking Skills

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect agents and customers. Our user-friendly websites make it easy for home buyers to find what they are looking for and our responsive portal lets our agents know when they should connect with their customers to begin the home buying process.

Being with the brand with the #1 most-visited real estate website is a huge advantage against competitors. After all, if people are clicking on your website, they most likely have a level of interest in your brand or products. The increased exposure, recognition, and leads that result from having such a high-profile website reflect onto each individual agent and shows consumers why choosing us is a no brainer.

If you want to be part of the brand that is the #1 most-visited real estate brand online, visit coldwellbanker.com/careers to find out why your next move should be with Coldwell Banker.

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