Everyone understands the unprecedented economic times that we are currently experiencing. There are many ways we can all help each other by doing shopping locally. It takes an entire community to keep local businesses alive and healthy. Your shopping locally helps supply jobs for our neighbors, support local schools, and vital non-profits. It generates the tax dollars we need for our police, fire protection, and roads. The benefits will come back to us in so many ways by supporting the community in which we live. Now more than ever we all need to restore our towns vibrancy and economic strength.

Here are 10 reasons to shop locally:

1. Keep your neighbor’s job! By buying from local businesses you keep your friends and family employed and help sustain their household income.

2. Protect your family! Local tax revenue from spending your money locally helps fund our local police and fire departments.

3. Support your local non-profits! Vibrant local businesses contribute to our many local and vital non-profit organizations.

4. Have a smooth ride! Local business tax revenues pay for our road improvements.

5. Take a breath of fresh air! Shopping locally keeps more cars off the road reducing our carbon foot print.

6. Meet your neighbor or make a friend! Shopping locally is a social event. You see and meet other locals … for now 6 feet away.

7. Keep your sanity! By buying locally you get to speak to a local customer service representative in person. No “press one for the next available operator.”

8. Take a walk in the park! Local business tax dollars pay for the building and up keep of our beautiful local parks.

9. Invest in your future! Money spent locally keeps our economy strong, property values stable and increases job wages.

10. Make this community yours! By shopping locally you take ownership in your community.

Let’s all join together to help restore Nevada County’s vibrant economy.

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