We often think about energy efficiency in the summer — primarily because air conditioning is quite expensive when the temperature reaches triple digits during the hottest months of the year. Some folks, however, may overlook the importance of using energy efficiency tips during the winter months to reduce utility costs. There are easy ways to conserve energy during colder months, without sacrificing too much comfort. Following are a few easy to incorporate energy efficiency tips into your Nevada County home.

Take Advantage of Natural Sunlight

Even during winter time, the Nevada County area has an abundance of sunshine. This natural light can be a source of warmth for your home. During the daytime, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends opening blinds and drapes to let the sunlight come through. The heat from sunlight can help offset the energy used by your heating system to keep your home comfortable.

Turn Down the Thermostat While You Sleep

Turning down the heat while you sleep is a great way to save money. By reducing the amount of work your heating system has to do during the coldest part of the day, you can save about 10 percent annually on utility costs according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If you decide to turn your thermostat’s temperature down at night, consider investing in warm bedding such as flannel sheets and heat-retaining blankets or comforters to keep you warm and comfortable.

Seal Off Rarely Used Rooms

Do you have a guest room that you rarely use? Any room that you rarely enter can be sealed off to promote energy efficiency. U.S. News & World Report recommends closing the vents in unused spaces to save money during winter months. This means that your heater will only heat the rooms you use, therefore decreasing the total square footage consuming energy.

Turn On Ceiling Fans

We typically associate ceiling fans with warmer months, but your ceiling fan can be a great source for controlling airflow during the winter. Using the clockwise rotation feature on your ceiling fan means that warm air will be pushed down rather than rising to the ceiling.

Dress Warmly

If you keep the temperature low during winter months, you can increase your comfort by what you wear at home. Consider wearing warm, lounge socks and slippers along with loose sweatshirts or robes. Layering clothing for warmth doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and can help you acclimate to cooler temperatures in your house.

These energy efficiency tips are easy to incorporate into your daily routine whether you own or rent your home. Before winter arrives, consider having your heating system inspected by a professional.