Blue. It’s the color of first place and the color of winners. Win the race, you get a blue ribbon. At Coldwell Banker, we’ve created a blue ribbon culture of sorts as we’re always looking for ways to win on behalf of our agents and their clients.

Today, we often think of innovation as having to do with technology, but that’s not always the case. As an innovator in real estate for 112+ years you’ll see we’ve been a trailblazer in tech but also in finding new ways to do things.

It all started when our founder, Colbert Coldwell, decided to guarantee his services in writing, create a code of ethics for his agents, and become the first brand to implement seller disclosure. That spirit of innovation has been part of our brand since 1906 and paved the way for many other “firsts” for a national real estate brand including first to…

• Guarantee services in writing
• Have a Code of Ethics
• Use seller disclosure
• Launch a national website
• Launch a mobile website
• Create an iPhone app
• Build an Android app
• Develop an iPad app
• Partner with Apple on an iAd
• Use streaming video
• Launch a YouTube channel to view videos of homes for sale
• Sell a listing in a virtual world
Create a Facebook page
• Build a Facebook application
Define a smart home
• Exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
• Use big data and predictive analytics with CBx
• Win an Emmy Award
• Partner with Samsung to create VR tour of listing

If you want to be part of a brand that has a legacy of seeing what’s ahead and prepping their agents for it then it’s time you took a look at Coldwell Banker. Visit to find out why your next move should be with the Coldwell Banker brand.

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