The Coldwell Banker Way of Innovating

Blue. It’s the color of first place and the color of winners. Win the race, you get a blue ribbon. At Coldwell Banker, we’ve created a blue ribbon culture of sorts as we’re always looking for ways to win on behalf of our agents and their clients. Today, we often think of innovation as having [...]

How to Choose the Most Important Home Features

Buying a home can be a long process. It takes time to get pre-approved, find a Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty agent, start figuring out what you want, finding a home, putting in an offer, and so much more! Approaching it correctly from the beginning can save a great deal of time and effort later [...]

Pets for Adoption October 2018

At Coldwell Banker, we strongly believe that pets help make a house a home. As demonstrated by our latest campaign, we also believe in adopting your next best friend from a local shelter. You may not know this, but Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty works with local animal shelters to promote pets that are available for [...]

Nevada County Market Update August 2018

Written by Cary Sanders, Sales Manager at Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty. Key Takeaways The Luxury Home Market (priced at or above $750,000) showed the biggest gain in units sold, with an increase of 59.2% year over year (last twelve months vs. previous twelve months). The last three months (May - July 2018) showed an [...]

April 2018 Tops

Congratulations to our tops for April 2018!  Our top selling agent is Charlie Brock and our top listing and producing agent is Lore Reynolds-Hamilton. The Harley's are our top selling couple and the Sharp's are our top producing and listing couple. The Congdon Group is our top selling, listing, and producing group. Thank you all for your [...]

The Importance of Lighting When Selling

Lighting is a key element that should not be overlooked when preparing a home for sale. Light can easily change how a room looks. For example, a small room can look much larger if it has large windows overlooking greenery. If lighting is not updated, it will convey the age and condition of a home. [...]

March 2018 Tops

Congratulations to our tops for March 2018!  Our top selling agent is Pam Morey, our top listing agent is Tim Fahey, and our top producing agent is Carol Willis. The Sharp's are our top producing and selling couple. The Congdon Group is our top selling, listing, and producing group. Thank you all for your hard [...]


The awards recognize Coldwell Banker affiliated real estate professionals who demonstrated exceptional sales production and leadership throughout the past year. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has announced its 2017 year-end award recipients for numerous company, team and agent categories in North America. The brand also celebrates the winners of its top international awards, which recognize [...]

Move to Temporary Housing Seamlessly in Five Steps

A lot of people, like Nevada County residents, do not like to move. The excitement of moving somewhere new is put on hold for the temporary pain of having to pack up a home and move it. What could possible be worse than moving once? Moving twice. Unfortunately, it can happen. Construction not complete on [...]

Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty’s Credentials, Designations, and Honors Part 5

We know that our Rooters are a pretty awesome bunch. Not only are they great Realtors®, but they are also well-rounded individuals. The following is a series on the credentials, designations, and honors that our Rooters have earned. Many of these are self explanatory, and others are a little more in-depth. Some only required a [...]