April 2020 Tops

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Congratulations to our tops for April 2020!  Lore Reynolds-Hamilton is our top producing and listing agent, and Tim Fahey, Debbie Krogman, Emily Menesini, and Barbara Parrott are our top selling agents. The Sharps are our top producing and selling couple, and Jon Blinder and Tyson Tucker are our top selling commercial agents. Thank you all [...]

April 2019 Tops

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Congratulations to our tops for April 2019!  Our top listing agents are Pam Morey and Tim Fahey, and our top selling and top producing agent is Charlie Brock. The Sharp's are our top selling couple, the Bulanti's are our top listing couple, and the Harley's and Williams' are our top producing couples. The Congdon Group is our top listing and producing team. Jon [...]

April 2018 Tops

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Congratulations to our tops for April 2018!  Our top selling agent is Charlie Brock and our top listing and producing agent is Lore Reynolds-Hamilton. The Harley's are our top selling couple and the Sharp's are our top producing and listing couple. The Congdon Group is our top selling, listing, and producing group. Thank you all for your [...]

Pets for Adoption in April 2018

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At Coldwell Banker,  we strongly believe that pets help make a house a home. As demonstrated by our latest campaign, we also believe in adopting your next best friend from a local shelter. You may not know this, but Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty works with local animal shelters to promote pets that are available [...]

Tops for April 2017

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Congratulations to our Tops for April! Our top listing agent is Pam Amato, top producing agent is Pam Morey, and top selling agent is Tim Fahey. Our top selling team is Team Harley and our top producing and listing team is the Congdon Group. Congratulations to all and thank you for all of your hard [...]

Your Home’s April Honey Do List

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Even though April 3rd is National No Housework Day (no, that’s not a belated April Fool’s Joke), spring cleaning season is in full swing. With a break in the rain, now is the time for Nevada County residents to get outside and get their backyard ready for warmer weather. That way, when it's actually warm, you can lay [...]

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