We at Coldwell Banker love happy homes. Nevada County residents love happy home, too! And we know that a healthy home is a happy home. But are you noticing that you or members of your family are not healthy? Do they frequently have a cold? Do they get sick even when the harsh Nevada County winters are over? They might be affected by some hazards in your home. But what could those hazards be? We’ve compiled a list of potential hazards in your home. Take a look!

#1 Mold, fungus and mildew

Aside from their smell and unsightly nature, mold, fungus, and mildew can pose a serious threat to your health. If you notice any signs of these hazards (especially mold and mildew), have them removed immediately. A simple Google search will tell you what to look for.

#2 Water-borne pollutants

Public water supplies are generally kept to a very high standard. But, it’s impossible to eliminate all water contaminants. If there is a failure in any part of your purification system, your water supply could contain dangerous pollutants. Replace your purification system to ensure your water is clean. Also, pay attention to your county water source companies. If the company reports possible contamination, take caution. You don’t want to get everyone in the family sick because you chose to ignore what the water companies were saying.

#3 Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer. It can happen all of a sudden, and kill everyone in your family while they are sleeping. Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect because of its odorless and colorless nature. Address any carbon monoxide problems by ventilating your impacted space. Open windows and doors when it’s not raining or snowing to let fresh air in. For a long-term solution, consider installing a carbon monoxide detector.

#4 Lead

Lead causes memory loss, muscular issues, and dementia. Make sure to check your paint and plumbing for lead if your home was built before 1975. This is especially important when you are looking to buy a home. If you find lead in your home, have it removed immediately. It may be costly, but the healthy of your family should take precedence over a bill.

#5 Home chemicals

Most of us have potentially harmful chemicals in our homes. These include:

  • Detergents
  • Cleaning agents
  • Bleach
  • Nail polish
  • Pesticides

Most of these substances can be replaced by safer, organic products. These can be more costly. If you can not afford organic products, keep your toxic chemicals out of reach of children and pets. If you absolutely have to keep them in a cabinet, make sure it’s one that you can lock or install a lock on. You don’t want your little ones to get into your potentially harmful chemicals.

#6 Dust

As much as we might dislike dusting, it’s extremely important to do. Dust can irritate your respiratory tract. Clean any obvious dust using a damp cloth or an electrostatic wipe. Regularly vacuum curtains, upholstery and carpets. Make sure you use a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner. Less efficient filters allow too much dust to escape back into a room. It’s especially important to dust if you have pets. Their dander and fur can contribute to the dust and allergens in your home. Make sure to regularly brush and bathe your pets.

#7 Dampness and leaks

Notice how that one spot in the living room seems to get larger whenever it rains? You may have a leak somewhere on your roof. This type of leak is not something you should ignore. Moisture encourages the growth of molds and other harmful microorganisms. Eliminate any leaks in your plumbing or roofing to avoid mildew and mold problems. You can always call a local plumber and let them inspect your home’s plumbing. Be prepared to have to pay for their services, no matter how much it might cost. The health of your home is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to mildew. Plus, you’ll start to notice that rooms with patched roof or repaired pipes smell better and are much more comfortable.


If you start to notice that you or your family members are frequently getting sick, it might be time to inspect your home. Take a look around your home for any of the above potential health hazards. If you notice one in particular is causing a lot of problems, eliminate it. Tackling these problems will make everyone in your home happier and healthier.

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