Finding additional space for a home office, movie den, or playroom is difficult for many homeowners. Do you make your children share a room? Pay money to add square footage onto your home? Convert part of your garage or a shed into the desired space you want? Some homeowners are looking up into their attics for additional square footage. If your home has an unfinished attic, you could have the ideal space for the perfect home update. Here’s a quick look at some attic transformation ideas:

An Attic Bathroom Retreat

No room for an extra bathroom? How about an attic bathroom that doubles as a retreat. Attic bathrooms are a perfect spot for beautiful skylights, large Jacuzzi tubs, and sprawling vanities. Also, an elevated bathroom will offer more privacy and relaxation than shared or main-floor options. You can go for a soak in the tub without having to worry about someone needing to use the bathroom.

A Quiet Home Office

Your attic is prime real estate for a home office. You can set up a complete office with plush chairs, a conference table and a sitting area. Or, go for a simple, distraction-free space with a single work area. Your ability to tailor the space to your needs is the beauty of an attic home office. This is an especially good idea if you work from home. You can think of your office as a separate unit away from the distractions of the rest of home. For some people, this means increased privacy and decreased distractions.

An Elevated Man Cave

The loftiest space in your home isn’t a typical location for a man cave. After all, the concept of a cave is often associated with being underground. Nevertheless, your attic is a great place to entertain friends and family during the big game. Everyone who wants to watch will be upstairs and those who don’t want to watch can stay downstairs and do what they want. Just make sure no snacks trails are left up to the attic!

A Family Theater

Your attic is a great place to enjoy an in-home theater experience. You can create a cozy space for the family to snuggle under blankets and enjoy a show on the big screen. If you want to really go all out, you can get the latest in home theater technology – just be aware of the weight! Also, make sure that you can still get electricity and a wifi signal in there. Nothing is a bigger disappointment than trying to pull something up on Netflix and get the loading screen.

A Master Suite

As families grow, or your expectations of a master bedroom change, the attic could be the perfect place to establish a master suite. Depending on the space, you can build walk-in closets, set up a seating area for reading and relaxing and still fit in your queen- or king-size bed. The best part of this attic remodel concept is its privacy. Just be sure to carefully insulate the space. You don’t want to be freezing in the winter and sweating it out during the summer.

A Children’s Playroom

The clutter of children’s toys can easily take over your home. Remodeling your attic into a playroom is a good way to reclaim your home. As an added benefit, a playroom will give your children a place to play that is away from busy areas like living rooms and kitchens. They can have fun and you can rest easy knowing exactly where they are. It also makes it easier on you to contain the mess. You won’t have to quickly clean everything up before someone comes over. All you have to do is close the door!

A Teenager’s Bedroom

Remodeling your attic to fit your teen’s needs is another great home solution. Your teenager will get the privacy they need and you’ll get an extra bedroom to turn into a guest room or office. Just make sure the walls are thick enough should they stomp around or play music loudly – you don’t want to disturb the neighbors or yourself at night. Your teenager will greatly appreciate you giving them their own space out of the way of everyone else.


Your attic doesn’t have to remain a place for storage. There are a lot of ways to transform that unused space into the perfect solution for you and your entire family. Just remember that whatever you decide to make of your attic space will take time and money to make. So have some patience and pop over to our Pinterest page for inspiration.

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