What is a Storage Vault?

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You have probably heard of mobile storage and self storage, but have you heard of the third option? If you aren’t familiar with a storage vault, you are overlooking a third key option. In fact, a storage vault is the greenest storage solution and can save you green: you only pay for the space you [...]

Home Library Ideas To Help You Display Your Books in Style

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A great book collection enriches your life in a few ways. First, reading those books feeds your mind. Second, having a fantastic collection can make your house feel like a home. If you love books and have a collection of them, you want to figure out how to store them and display them. These home [...]

Spruce Up The Half Bath Before Guests Arrive

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Hosting family or friends is an equally exciting and stressful experience for all. If they are visiting Nevada County for the first time, you are excited to show them around the area but nervous about hosting them. Having a comfortable guest bathroom is key and you’ll want to deck it out with all the necessary [...]

Eight Clever Ways to Store Books Around the House

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Although reading physical books can seem like a long lost art in the days of digital devices, there still remains something special about the smell of a brand new novel and being able to flip through physical pages. For dedicated bookworms with cherished collections, it can be a struggle to store and display your favorites [...]

Seven Remodel Ideas to Renew Your Attic

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Finding additional space for a home office, movie den, or playroom is difficult for many homeowners. Do you make your children share a room? Pay money to add square footage onto your home? Convert part of your garage or a shed into the desired space you want? Some homeowners are looking up into their attics [...]

Eight Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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Kitchen's are the heart of any Nevada County home. However, the kitchen is one of the most difficult places in the home to keep clean and organized. It's high action do-everything-in-one-space kind of place. Not only is it a gathering spot, it's also one of the harder spots to organize. Between your dishes, utensils and [...]

Ideas to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

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Some of the homes in Nevada County are tiny. From tiny under 500 square foot miner's cottages to 1200 square feet 4 bed 2 bath homes, some local properties are compact. Despite the challenge of space, many families make it work. They do what they can to make their home feel as spacious and inviting [...]

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