Five Tips for Increasing Home Curb Appeal and Value

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No matter how low mortgage rates fall or how great the housing market, selling a home can be a long and often difficult process. That’s why it’s vital that you do whatever you can to make your home more attractive to buyers. The first step: curb appeal. When talking to real estate agents, most will tell [...]

House Training Your Dog or Puppy

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House-training your new dog or puppy can take patience and time, but it is usually not complicated! We have gathered some tips to make the process of house-training a lot easier. Here are the basic steps to house-training your dog or puppy: SUPERVISE Keep your dog under constant supervision while inside – if you must take your [...]

Tricks to a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

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The holidays are over. Decorations are packed away for the next 11 months and you start the deep cleaning process of all action-packed rooms. Your kitchen probably saw the majority of the action during the holidays. How that splatter of mashed sweet potatoes got on the ceiling is anyone’s guess. But that mess just means [...]

Tips to Keep a Healthy Home

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While a lot of people enjoy living in a clean, beautiful home and work hard to keep it that way, even some of the tidiest homes are susceptible to unwelcome germs. Sometimes they appear in obvious places. Dirty sponges, dirty entrance mats, and wet clothes. Other times they seem to sneak in places that you [...]

Ideas to Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

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Some of the homes in Nevada County are tiny. From tiny under 500 square foot miner's cottages to 1200 square feet 4 bed 2 bath homes, some local properties are compact. Despite the challenge of space, many families make it work. They do what they can to make their home feel as spacious and inviting [...]

Tips to Keep Your Roof Safe This Winter

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As the recent weather has demonstrated, winter in Grass Valley can go from cool and sunny to flooded roadways in an instant. Your roof is an important part of protecting your family from the elements. Now is the time to think about the maintenance tips that will help you keep your roof in good condition [...]

How to Live in a Staged Home

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Living in a staged home can be difficult. It’s hard to occupy a space that must be kept clean and organized for any unexpected showings. So how do you keep your home in pristine condition? The biggest thing is to changer your mindset. It’s no longer “your home”. It is a place that you reside [...]

The Benefits of Home Staging-Part One

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Home staging has become an increasingly a great way for people to sell their homes more quickly and for more money. Its overall goal is to help prospective home buyers emotionally connect with a space. Home staging isn’t limited to just high-end properties. It has become a norm for homes at all price points. While [...]

Make Your Home Look Bigger

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Let’s face it: some of the homes in Nevada County are TINY. Many homes in Grass Valley and Nevada City are built on a smaller scale with a series of small rooms instead of open concept spaces. So maybe you need tips on how to decorate those spaces. Or maybe you just have that one [...]

Six Money Saving Painting Tips

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With the changing of the seasons in Nevada County comes the want to change something about your home. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. However, the price and labor of a painting update can be intimidating for some homeowners. Here are six ways you can you save time and money on [...]

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