5 Secrets to Cutting Costs on Your Next DIY Home Design Overhaul

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With many of us confined to staying at home during the current global pandemic, now could be the ideal time to embark on a DIY home design overhaul. Of course, transforming a tired living space into one that’s timelessly stylish and effortlessly practical comes with a number of cumulative costs, but there are plenty of [...]

Home Projects Under $300 Guests Will Notice

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It's the holidays! Do you have family coming up to Nevada County? Do you look around your home and think what have I done with this place? Will they notice that you’ve changed the furniture layout in the living room? Or that you updated to LED light bulbs? What can you do that will make [...]

Paint Pops of Color to Liven Up Your Home

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Spring is here! For many, that means making the outside a place anyone would want to spend a lot of time. However, for some, the interior needs more work than the interior. You might be one of those people. Something about the interior just seems flat. But it's not the furniture that seems to bore you, [...]

Which Weekend Projects Have the Biggest Return on Investment?

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As we have mentioned time and time again, Nevada County homeowners love to DIY projects. Homeowners are always looking for ideas to improve their home's value. Maybe it's building a bench that overlooks the edge of the property. Or maybe it's redoing the backyard landscaping. There are lots of things that people do to increase [...]

Seven Surprising Homegoods You Can Paint for an Instant Room Refresh

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Nevada County winters can get dreary. It's cold, wet, and the last thing you want to do is go outside. When you are stuck inside for so long, you start to notice things. Like how banged-up your heater looks, or how “blah” your living room decor seems. Winter is the perfect time for these kinds of [...]

Six Money Saving Painting Tips

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With the changing of the seasons in Nevada County comes the want to change something about your home. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference. However, the price and labor of a painting update can be intimidating for some homeowners. Here are six ways you can you save time and money on [...]

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