Let It Shine

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With shorter days and more hours of darkness in autumn and winter, turn to the power of indoor lighting as a solution – never underestimate its brilliance. Clever lighting can transform the look and feel of your home with the flip of a switch. While natural sunlight streaming inside is ideal, sometimes the clouds rain [...]

Paint Pops of Color to Liven Up Your Home

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Spring is here! For many, that means making the outside a place anyone would want to spend a lot of time. However, for some, the interior needs more work than the interior. You might be one of those people. Something about the interior just seems flat. But it's not the furniture that seems to bore you, [...]

Seven Things Worth Saving Space for in a Small House

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Let's be honest-decorating a small space is hard. All sorts of questions come to mind. Will there be enough storage space? Will there be enough room to fit a real table? With all of those questions come conflicting advice. Advice for decorating a small home is often about eliminating and deciding what to compromise on. [...]

Add a Pop of Seasonal Color to Catch a Buyer’s Eye

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and for sale signs are popping up around Nevada County! If you’re getting your home ready to sell this spring, it’s the perfect season to add pops of trending colors to attract buyers and help your showing stand out from the competition. The following are some [...]

Which Weekend Projects Have the Biggest Return on Investment?

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As we have mentioned time and time again, Nevada County homeowners love to DIY projects. Homeowners are always looking for ideas to improve their home's value. Maybe it's building a bench that overlooks the edge of the property. Or maybe it's redoing the backyard landscaping. There are lots of things that people do to increase [...]

Does the Garage Interior Matter to Home Buyers?

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Q. Does it matter how the interior of my garage looks when it’s time to sell? A. Although you normally may not give it a second thought, the appearance of your garage matters when your home is on the market. “Even though a garage isn’t living space, it’s still an extension of the home,” [...]

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