4 Ways to Revamp Your Long-Forgotten Garage

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Has your garage been left abandoned and unloved for far too long? You’re not alone. A home organization study from Moen found that the garage was the most cluttered space in homes. And, with the American Housing Survey reporting 80% of all US homes have a garage, we think it’s time something changed. So join [...]

How to Pack Your Garage In Five Steps

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When it comes to packing up your home for a move, the garage is often the last room packed. Let’s face it, we put it off due to the sheer number of things piled up over the years. Garages are full of tools, landscaping equipment and things you don’t want to look at. Often, our [...]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Garage Neat and Organized

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The garage ranks high along with the basement for spaces where families tend to dump things they don’t know what to do with. It’s easy to store a box you never unpacked, some outdoor equipment or some unused paint in your garage and simply ignore the fact that it’s there when you pull in your car [...]

How to Create an Organized Garage for Fall

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As the warm breezes of summer give way to chillier temperatures, consider rearranging the items in your garage to ensure you’re ready for colder weather. Here are six steps to help you get your garage organized and ready for fall (and winter): Step #1 Categorize Items It’s hard to whip your garage into shape without [...]

A Garage Addition Can Solve Your Storage Problems

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For many Nevada County residents, the garage is far more than a spot to park the car — it’s become more of a catchall for every outdoor item the family owns. Many residents spend a ton of time outside, so they often have to store their surfboards and windsurfers in addition to the normal gardening and lawn [...]

Does the Garage Interior Matter to Home Buyers?

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Q. Does it matter how the interior of my garage looks when it’s time to sell? A. Although you normally may not give it a second thought, the appearance of your garage matters when your home is on the market. “Even though a garage isn’t living space, it’s still an extension of the home,” [...]

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