Keep Your House Cool Without Breaking the Bank

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Any Nevada County resident knows that our summers are hot. Hot for listings and hot temperatures. It always seems like the heat of summer drags on longer each year. Many residents make their ACs work. However, it’s important to find a way to keep your house cool without breaking the bank. You don't want to [...]

Energy Efficient Window Treatment

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It’s almost that time of year where any room in the house is a welcomed relief  as long as it’s air conditioned! But your ice-cold interiors come with an associated cost for your utilities, and if you’re not careful, that first summer electric bill can be shocking. While it’s tempting to just hop over [...]

How to Clean Blinds and Curtains

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Dirty blinds and curtains always seem to appear when you least expect it. It always happens on that wonderful day in the middle of a Nevada County winter when the sun shines and the temperature warms to the mid 60s. You decide, hey, this is a great time to open up the blinds and let some [...]

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