Disclosaphobia? 5 Tips for Completing a Seller’s Disclosure

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The dreaded seller’s disclosure – it’s that pesky document that asks you umpteen questions. How many ceiling fans are in the property, what’s the make and model of each appliance, how old is the roof, A/C system and so forth. Really? Do you have to answer these questions and all of them? Well if [...]

How to Make the Choice Between Two Homes

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Finding the right house in Nevada County is an unmatched feeling that many buyers fear they will never feel. When it does finally happen after searching for a few weeks or perhaps even months it is enough to make your heart sing! As you walk from room to room you may imagine moving in [...]

Stage Your Home for the Millennial Buyer

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In 2015, real estate sales sharply shifted toward the Millennial buyer and there are many ways sellers in Nevada County can prepare their home to attract this buyer. Here are ten things Millennials look for, and how to implement them in your home. In 2015, real estate sales sharply shifted toward the Millennial buyer. [...]

11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company

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I know, you were thinking you would just Google “moving company.” Sure, you will find a zillion moving companies, but are you ready to handover your prized possessions into any stranger’s hands? So, how do you choose the mover you can trust? Here are some handy tips on what to look for when hiring [...]

Best Practices for Homebuyers at a Real Estate Open House

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Open houses are the gold standard in real estate. They've been around for decades and will be ingrained in the buying and selling of homes for years to come. But as a buyer, are you making the most of your open house visits? Here are some best practices for buyers at all ends of the [...]

Kitchen Remodeling: 14 Ways to Take Thousands Off the Cost

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We always hear that remodeling a kitchen is one of the most expensive home improvements. And it can be. The Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report listed the average cost of a major kitchen remodel at $54,909, and even a minor remodel came in at $18,856. But kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be that [...]

Don’t Let Winter Put a Chill on Your Home Sale

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While spring is traditionally thought to be the prime season for home buying, people buy and sell homes throughout the year. The need to relocate for a new career, health reasons, or the urge for new life experiences can happen at any time. Selling a home can be stressful. Add in harsh weather conditions [...]

Why Our Being at the Top Helps You

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Coldwell Banker Grass Roots Realty is doing nearly two times the business of any other single real estate company in Nevada County. And that’s good for you! We’re not just bragging about how much business we’re doing. We want potential home sellers and buyers, like you, to know how valuable our success is to [...]

Want to Sell Your Home? The Spring Selling Season May Be Coming Early This Year

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If you're considering selling your home, now is the time to get ready. Not next month, not next week, not tomorrow. Right now. Why? Because buyers are already on the hunt. The Internet is the new curb appeal. Last month will likely be remembered for polar vortexes, widespread snow, and historic traffic jams. Lost in the [...]

Home Negotiation Strategies

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On either side of a transaction, the home buyers or sellers may find themselves facing a more experienced or knowledgeable negotiator. While buyers and sellers can turn to their real estate agent for help, understanding how real estate negotiations work can make it easier to understand and accept advice that may run counter to their own instincts. Ultimately, the [...]

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