5 Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal for the Fall Selling Season

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Sellers looking to get the best price know that curb appeal plays a huge role in making the sale, even in the fall when the leaves begin to fade. Here are five simple ways to make the most of what fall has to offer and boost your curb appeal. 1. Improve Your Entry With [...]

Retirement Homes: 7 Things to Consider When Making Your Move

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For older adults who may be tired of the upkeep and maintenance of a property, want more companionship, or simply need a little more help to remain independent, retirement living is the perfect solution. Shopping for one, however, is different than a regular house-hunt. Retirement homes and communities come in every shape, size, and budget you [...]

5 Things to Know About Installing a Patio Door

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As the gateway to your home’s outdoor living space, patio doors provide beautiful, stylish transitions between your home and landscape. Choosing and installing a patio door is no simple task, but these five pointers can help any homeowner complete the process successfully. 1. Choose a style that fits your home Patio doors come in [...]

How to Waterproof Your Home

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Do you know what the envelope of your home is? Just as the name “envelope” implies it is the skin of your home that protects you from the outdoor elements. The envelope of your home includes: the roof, walls and windows. These three areas are the keys to waterproofing your home. If they are [...]

5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market

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Even though it’s the middle of the winter season, before you know it, spring will be here. Historically in Nevada County real estate markets, the spring is when it really begins to heat up. The spring real estate market generally yields the highest prices for those selling their home. This is only possible though [...]

Stage Your Home for the Millennial Buyer

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In 2015, real estate sales sharply shifted toward the Millennial buyer and there are many ways sellers in Nevada County can prepare their home to attract this buyer. Here are ten things Millennials look for, and how to implement them in your home. In 2015, real estate sales sharply shifted toward the Millennial buyer. [...]

How to Keep Home Maintenance Costs Under $300 a Year

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A little TLC maintenance goes a long way toward staving off expensive repairs. Cringe at the thought of major repairs to your home? It’s the little preventative maintenance things you do throughout the year that’ll keep big repair bills at bay. In fact, you can keep your entire house fit and healthy for a [...]

Coming Soon: Texting With Your Appliances

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Warning: What you are about to see could possibly blow your mind. You’ve been warned… What you just saw isn’t some sick Buzzfeed joke. It’s REAL and it is all part of LG’s new HomeChat™ service that allows homeowners in South Korea to communicate, control, monitor and share content with their latest smart appliances. [...]

Check the Rules of a Homeowners Association before Buying

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There are several factors consumers take into account when buying a home, including property features, proximity to their work and the surrounding community. The neighborhood they are moving into can play a large role on a new homeowner's experience, so it's important to research the particulars of each community thoroughly. One of the first [...]

Top Upgrades in High Demand

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Many existing homeowners choose summer time to spruce up their homes and make upgrades or improvements. While some home features, such as formal living rooms, have waned in popularity as of late, there are several common improvement projects that consumers still turn toward, to increase space and improve their real estate [...]

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