How to Build a Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

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With many gyms closed or operating at minimum capacity, a home gym has never sounded better. Plus, with the cool weather approaching, exercising outdoors seems less enticing. Three out of five Americans are actually turning to home gyms for good, and over half of the population is looking for the best home-fitness options. You can [...]

How to Get Wood Flooring on Any Budget

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Hardwood flooring is often considered a must-have feature by new homeowners or those undertaking a remodeling project. Wood is a natural, renewable resource, plus wood flooring complements all types of home decor, from traditional to contemporary. The downside is that wood floors, especially solid wood floors, can be expensive. Some exotic wood species, such as [...]

Five Things You Need to Know Before DIY-ing a Home Improvement Project

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It's no secret that Grass Valley residents love to make things in their home their own. Whether it be custom making a dining room table or revamping purchases from a local second hand store, many people in the Nevada County area like to take the time to make their home customized to their tastes. With all [...]

How to Update Your Home Without Going Over Budget

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It's a new year in Nevada County! That means new year new house? Or maybe new year new look? Ever looked around your home and thought that it needed a refresh? We've got twelve straightforward and low cost ways to bring new life to your home. We've even included a bonus-how to repurpose holiday decorations. [...]

How to Keep Home Maintenance Costs Under $300 a Year

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A little TLC maintenance goes a long way toward staving off expensive repairs. Cringe at the thought of major repairs to your home? It’s the little preventative maintenance things you do throughout the year that’ll keep big repair bills at bay. In fact, you can keep your entire house fit and healthy for a [...]

First-time Homebuyers and Home Condition

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First-time homebuyers should expect to stay in their home for some time. When buying a home, one expert told, they should consider whether the property will be suitable for at least 10 years, even if they might leave sooner. This attitude affects most aspects of the search for and decision to buy a home. For example, [...]

Do Some Research Before Purchasing a Foreclosed Home

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Foreclosed homes that are up for auction can be appealing to homebuyers who are working on a strict budget and seeking out more affordable properties. However, there may also be some caveats that come with buying a home that has been in foreclosure, so it's important that prospective buyers get all the information about [...]

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