5 Essential Tips for Staging Your Home in the Summer

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With a flooded market and tons of competition, selling a home in the summer can be worrisome for sellers — but it really shouldn’t be. As any experienced real estate agent will tell you, houses sell every day in the summer, as long as they are priced right and are appealing to a buyer. [...]

6 Ways to Bring the Light and Bright of Summer into Your Home

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The lazy breezes and bright blue skies of summer aren’t just for the outdoors! Banish the last of winter by pulling back the drapes and letting the sunshine in. Tuck dark throw pillows and accessories into the closet until fall. It only takes a few easy swaps—like remaking your bed or rolling out a [...]

3 Reasons Your Real Estate Search is Better in the Summer

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Spring and summer are hot when it comes to real estate, and it is often seen as a seller’s market. However, there are great reasons the summer season can aid buyers in their real estate search. Here are the top-three reasons to buy in the summer. It’s no secret that spring and summer are [...]

Is Your Grill Ready to Sizzle This Summer?

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Make your next barbecue become a real summer blockbuster with these quick tips on how to get your grill in tip top shape. ~ Darren Hoffman Many believe that Memorial Day marks the arrival of summer, but for me it is firing up the grill! You may have all of your secret spices and [...]

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