Closets are no longer limited to storing clothes, linens, or random odds and ends. You can actually discover more living space and streamline storage for your lifestyle in this underutilized and overlooked place. Here are some inspiring examples of closet transformations including a home bar, gym, and office.

Don’t think you have space for a home bar? Look again. Even the shallowest hall closet can be converted to a drink station. A happy hour hideaway is a very Prohibition-esque concept, which is all the more reason to stock it with handsome decanters, glasses, intriguing bar tools, and a few of your favorite bottles.

Meet your get fit goals by transforming your closet into a mini home gym. A long and narrow closet can have a full workout wardrobe on one side and a lean exercise machine on the other. If your closet can’t accommodate a machine, you can still lay down a yoga mat and install a mirror for keeping your form in check as you use the floor space for sit-ups, push-ups, and the like.

If your productivity is lacking, a quiet home office might be what you need. You don’t need a gigantic walk-in closet to make this idea work. Simply remove the doors off of an unused closet, install a wide shelf if you can’t shimmy a desk in properly, and voila! Chalkboard paint, a sconce, and a few desk organizers can finish off your compact home office.

A craft station is another creative alternative. Craft materials can be organized in cart with labeled drawers. An over-the-door organizer holds oodles of wrapping paper and stationery among other things. And the sturdy shelf is great for gift wrapping or writing letters. Make it your own by hanging inspirational wall art or photos.

Nooks are very popular, especially those reinvented for reading. An alcove under the stairs can be finished with warm wood paneling, a reading light, and lots of cushions. If you don’t have enough space to actually sit down and read in your closet, use it as a little library for book storage instead.

Dress it up for a fab dressing room. New York Fashion Week may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a runway of your own. All you really need is a chair, mirror, and vanity. You can also try this in a playroom for the little ones who like playing dress-up.

Rehabilitate the linen closet as a hospitality room. Use this space to hang bathrobes, store towels, and display your favorite perfumes and lotions. This is especially useful for those who travel often or have a second home used for a weekend getaway.

Prioritize zen by carving out a closet for reflection. Whether you’re religious or just need some peace and quiet, a small closet is a secure place to hole up for 20 minutes and just be. Keep a floor pillow, pouf ,or soft area rug here for prayer, yoga, or meditation. If you’re not working with a walk-in closet, you can still use a shallow closet as a shrine of spiritual objects or mementos that bring you joy.

So what are you waiting for? Find a rarely used closet in your home and convert it! Want more ideas? Head over to our Pinterest page to see what we like.

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