Moving a Closet: Pack and Unpack in Three Stages

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We all know your closet is miraculous because it holds everything you ever bought. But, that miracle is turning into a horror story. You’re about to move. Do you really want to move everything in that closet? Think go-go boots, prom dress and sequin leggings. Items you haven't worn (or used) in years. This is [...]

Eight Creative Ways With Closets

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Closets are no longer limited to storing clothes, linens, or random odds and ends. You can actually discover more living space and streamline storage for your lifestyle in this underutilized and overlooked place. Here are some inspiring examples of closet transformations including a home bar, gym, and office. Don’t think you have space for a [...]

Fall Closet Cleanout: What to Keep, Toss, and Buy

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The weather is getting colder, and it’s finally time to put away your summer clothes and pull out your comfy knits and favorite pair of jeans. As you begin to swap out your seasonal clothing, set aside some extra time to clean out your entire closet. After all, you might discover you just have too [...]

Closet Organization Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

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If your closet is a clutter, it could be that you just need some closet organization ideas. Closets, no matter the size, tend to be a catchall. We often toss in our shoes, handbags, and hang up our garments without any consideration to organization. But, fret not. It’s easy to clean up those closets and [...]

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