Moving a Closet: Pack and Unpack in Three Stages

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We all know your closet is miraculous because it holds everything you ever bought. But, that miracle is turning into a horror story. You’re about to move. Do you really want to move everything in that closet? Think go-go boots, prom dress and sequin leggings. Items you haven't worn (or used) in years. This is [...]

How to Keep Your Pets Stress Free During a Move

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If you are moving this summer you probably already feel the stresses of moving, but have you thought about what your four-legged family member may be feeling? Dogs and pets do feel the stresses of a move and often even more stress than their human companions are feeling. Imagine: you can’t read, understand all of [...]

Move to Temporary Housing Seamlessly in Five Steps

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A lot of people, like Nevada County residents, do not like to move. The excitement of moving somewhere new is put on hold for the temporary pain of having to pack up a home and move it. What could possible be worse than moving once? Moving twice. Unfortunately, it can happen. Construction not complete on [...]

Moved in? Now What? A Post Move In Check List

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Congratulations on purchasing your home in Nevada County! So, it’s been a month since you moved into your new home. The empty boxes are stacked in corners, you finally found the blender, and you're missing some key pieces of mail. The moving checklist guided you day by day, but now that the move is finally [...]

Seven Things to do Before Moving into Your New Home

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Congratulations! You’re a new homeowner. You have just purchased a home that you have worked hard to get. While you may not be able to wait to move in, there are a few things you should consider tackling before hanging those family photos on the walls. Some of these things are pre-cautionary tasks and others [...]

Toss These Five Things Before You Move For a Fresh Start

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It’s a great feeling to walk into your new home and know you have a blank space to work with. You can arrange things in a different way, paint it, and add art to make the space your own. The best part is how nice everything looks once it's in. But making sure your new [...]

How to Make Your Move Less Stressful

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From horror stories of lost, stolen, and broken items to surprise charges tacked on to an already high bill, moving is not for the faint of heart. It's hard on everyone, and something that makes you question why you even decided to move in the first place. But moving doesn't have to be difficult. If [...]

Move-In Ready Is the New Starter Home

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Looking at today’s market, I’m so happy about the opportunities that first-time homebuyers are seeing and embracing. One of my colleagues is a young man in his 30s, and recently bought his first home. For years, he counted himself out of the home buying equation, or thought that if he did buy a home, [...]

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