Five Tips on How to Sell Your Home in a Competitive Market

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What does it take to sell a home in a competitive market – a fresh coat of paint or a kitchen overhaul? Lowering the asking price or offering incentives? From cosmetic to strategic, smart sellers can take advantage of a few simple tips to get the most out of their properties. Here are five suggestions [...]

How to Sell Your Home Faster

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As we've been saying for the past few weeks, it is selling season in Nevada County. For sale signs are popping up and having pending stickers slapped on almost as quickly as they are put up. However, a home isn't  going to sell at any old price that the buyer wants it to sell for. [...]

Looking Beyond Price When Buying a Home

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As a home buyer, you may focus too much on a home’s sale price. You question whether or not it's in your budget, if it fits your bedroom and bathroom requirements, and if it's in the right zip code. Before you begin the home search, make sure that you take into account other factors such [...]

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